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Dave Doggett

Nova Scotia Fishing Guide

Kayak Fishing

Explore hidden coves and fish secluded spots inaccessible by boat, Test your skills and connect with nature.

Nova Scotia Fishing Guide

Fly Fishing

Where artistry meets the thrill of the catch. Explore Nova Scotia's pristine waters with fly fishing.

Nova Scotia Fishing Guide

Spin Fishing

Experience the excitement & finesse of spin fishing for bass & trout and other species.

Nova Scotia Fishing Guide

Lake & River Fishing

Master casting techniques and land your trophy catch. Target bass, trout, and other freshwater favorites.

Nova Scotia Fishing Guide

Freshwater Fishing

Create lasting memories on the water, from thrilling strikes to breathtaking scenery teeming with freshwater species.

Nova Scotia Fishing Guide

Saltwater Fishing

Explore Nova Scotia's vibrant coastline and target trophy saltwater species.

About Us

Nova Scotia Fishing Guide


Nova Scotia Fishing Guide – Dave Doggett offers both resident and non-resident anglers many great fishing opportunities.

Dave specializes in providing quality Nova Scotia sport fishing adventures with species such as Striped Bass, American Shad, speckled Trout, Atlantic Salmon, and warm water species such as Smallmouth Bass, perch e.t.c

David Doggett is a 48 year resident of Nova Scotia, with over 32 years of fishing experience and has been a licensed sport fishing guide since 1996.

Nova Scotia Fishing Guide


Years Of Experience

Dave Doggett


“Dave was a fantastic guide and our group had a great fishing experience. He was very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He worked hard to accommodate our group of very diverse experience levels, and I would absolutely use him again. If you’re looking for a guide that is fully capable of providing direction and assistance for both beginners and experts alike, I would highly recommend him.”

Stephen Locke

Dave's the perfect guide! Our diverse group had a blast fishing with his expertise. Friendly, professional, and helpful, he catered to all skill levels. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a top Nova Scotia fishing experience!

Smith Churchill

Fantastic day on the water with Dave! Explored hidden coves in his kayaks, reeled in some beauties, and learned a ton. Highly recommend for an unforgettable Nova Scotia fishing adventure.

Vivian Lucas

If you're looking for memories that reel you in, book with Dave! Top-notch gear, breathtaking scenery, and Dave's friendly personality made it an incredible day. Thanks for the unforgettable Nova Scotia fishing experience!

Harry williams