Nova Scotia Canada Fishing GuideNova Scotia offers both resident and non-resident anglers many great fishing opportunities.

Dave Doggett specializes in providing quality Nova Scotia sport fishing adventures with species such as Striped Bass, American Shad, Trout, Atlantic Salmon, and warm water species such as Smallmouth Bass.

Fishing is typically done either by wading rivers or fishing lakes from a fully rigged fifteen foot boat.  Dave also has Hobie fishing kayaks which are perfect for some of our small water hot spots. These kayaks are foot powered so you can be fishing at all times.

High quality fishing equipment is available for use during our trips at no extra charge.

David Doggett is a 38 year resident of Nova Scotia with over 28 years of fishing experience and has been a licensed Nova Scotia sport fishing guide since 1996.

Featured testimonial

“Dave was a fantastic guide and our group had a great fishing experience.  He was very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  He worked hard to accommodate our group of very diverse experience levels, and I would absolutely use him again.  If you’re looking for a guide that is fully capable of providing direction and assistance for both beginners and experts alike, I would highly recommend him.” – Stephen Locke

Call Dave today at 902.299.0191 or fill out his email contact form.


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